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You watch your diet and take your insulin. Don't forget about your feet. Circulation and nerve problems threaten them. By including me in your health-care team to manage your diabetes, you cut the risk of amputation up to 85%!

• Nerve damage (numbness)

• Poor circulation

• Padnet vescular testing

• Skin changes (cracking, bleeding, slow to heal)

• Calluses

• Foot ulcers

Treatment and management

Avert the foot complications that too often result from inadequately managed diabetes. Make an appointment for your foot screening.

Regular Diabetic foot checkups crucial

A big part of managing your diabetes is diagnosing and treating problems before they get out of control and that includes your lower extremities. If there is a serious problem, I can help control infections and reduce the risk of amputation.

I will help you keep your feet

Manage the foot aspects

of your diabetes effectively

Call today to make

your appointment


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