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Years of repetitive stress and neglect take their toll on too many seniors' feet. If you still have your feet, it's not too late to walk the path to pain-free foot health. Make your appointment for long-overdue foot-pain relief!

• Your toenail is discolored or thick due to fungal infection

• You suffer from peripheral vascular disease

You are diabetic

• You have hardening of the arteries

• You suffer from thrombophlebitis

• You have nerve damage in your foot

You need foot care if:

• Infection

• Tissue deterioration

• Pain relief

• Ingrown toenail

• Corns

• Calluses


Help for common ailments

I can perform geriatric services that are needed to reduce foot pain and also prescribe orthotics to keep you walking comforatbaly and contol your gait.

Relieving pressure on your feet

• Bunions

• Athlete's foot

• Ulcerations, abscesses, and hematomas

• Foot injuries

• Plantar fasciitis

You don't have to live with every day foot pain

Call today to make

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House calls are available for people within the community