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Your children's feet can be hard to keep track of during growth spurts. That's why problems such as ingrown toenails due to outgrown shoes, or heel pain because of tightened calves and tendons during rapid growth, are common among youngsters. Have me monitor your child's growth and stop any foot problems before they become serious.

I am dedicated to giving your child the best, most advanced and current foot care available.


Understanding your child's apprehension seeing a doctor, I endeavor to make these visits as pleasant as possible with minimal discomfort.

A gentle approach for youngsters

• Ingrown toenails

• Plantar warts

• Flat feet / fallen arches

• Heel pain in adolescents due to Sever's disease

Sports injuries

• Toe walking

• Bow legs

• Knock knee

• In-toeing

• out-toeing

Help for common problems

Actually the most important year in your child's foot development is the first, before he or she is walking! This is due to especially rapid growth. A child's feet - bones, ligaments, muscles, blood vessels, and nerves - are especially malleable, making them vulnerable to deformity.

Crucial help during rapid growth

Monitoring your child’s

foot growth and averting problems

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