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Feet take a pounding anyway, but this is doubled when you play sports. Especially if you are out of shape, you risk hurting them! Come to me to learn how best to care for your feet in your chosen

sport(s), and of course I am here to treat any sports-related foot emergencies.

The solution to your foot ailment may be as simple as RICE - rest, ice, compression, and elevation - or may require more involved intervention including surgery. After a thorough exam including gait evaluation, X-ray, or MRI, I might recommend strapping, taping, or physical therapy to get you playing again pain-free!

Help for these problems

• Athlete's foot

• Blisters

• Calluses

• Corns

• Heel pain


Effective treatment

I am here the weekend athletes too! Get expert help on choosing the right cleats and have me examine your gait for potential problems before they stop you from enjoying your weekend sport. Orthotics for better gait support might make the difference in your performance and overall health.

Making sure you have the right foot gear

• Plantar fasciitis

• Sprains

• Fractures

• Bruises

• Overuse injuries


Getting varsity and weekend athletes


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